Reading is a Journey, Not an Event!

Week 15!
Congratulations! You stuck in there and finished the course. Remember, "Reading development is an ongoing journey. It is not a one time event." Continue to read and seed knowledge.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Reading 25 Reflection

This will be your final blog for Reading 25. Take a few minutes before you write to think about your attitude and thoughts about reading 15 weeks ago. Have your thoughts or attitude towards reading changed? If so, in what way?

Next, think about what type of reader you were 15 weeks ago. Now when you read an article, book or paragraph, what do you do differently?

Finally, please share how you feel about you experience in Reading 25.  Your post should answer each question asked and should be a minimum of 200 words.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Campus-wide Book Selection

     The Campus-wide book for Fall 2012 is "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. Look for information about the book cirle in the fall. I hope you choose to read the book and join me once a month in th ERC for discussions. If you'd like to get a head start, you can purchase the book for $11 at Walmart.  Just remember to highlight things that interest you and talk-to-the-text so you can remember important scenes for the discussions this fall.  Email me or come by my office next semester to get information about the dates for discussion.

Click the link below to read about four great books then decide which one you'd prefer to read.  The book that receives the most votes will be used in the Campus-wide Literacy Circle in Fall 2012.  Please vote even if you have no plans to participate at this time.

Please click here to vote! (Sorry the link is no longer open)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The topic of chapter 9 is "Arguements".  We have defined the word arguement and identified the elements of a strong arguement.  The support should be logical, relevant, and adequate. 

Begin by making a point.  Then provide relevant, logical, and adequate support for your arguement.  You can argue any topic you choose.  You arguement should be at least a paragraph (5-6 sentences).  This arguement will be brief and concise, do not exceed 200 words.  Read some of the sample paragraphs provided in chapter 9 of your text if you need to see examples.

Your post will be due by Friday, May 4, 2012.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Bystander Effect

The article, "The Bystander Effect", suggests that people act quite differntly when in an emergency situation if they're alone versus when they are in a group, or in public.  It has been named the "bystander effect".  Write about a time when you feel the "bystander effect" influenced a group of people to act differently than they would have acted had they been alone.  This can be something you experienced personally or an event from history.  Either way, explain the incident and clearly explain why you think it is an example of the "bystander effect".  200 word minimum

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Self-Regulatory Behaviors

     The self-regulatory behavior that challenged me most during my first year of college was “time”.  It was controlling me, I was not controlling it.  I had no system for managing when I attended class, when I studied, my work hours, or social events I wanted to attend.  I thought I could keep everything in my head and it would be just fine.  Well it wasn’t.  I would not realize I had an exam until the morning of, or even worse, once I arrived in class and everybody had a blue book or scantron form. 
     My peer counselor advised me to get a school planner from the bookstore.  I repeatedly forgot to pick one up.  So eventually she outsmarted me and when I showed up for my counseling session she said, “Let’s go to the bookstore”.  We walked over, I purchased my planner for about four dollars, and we returned to the office where she walked me through the process of using my syllabi to note all exams and papers.  What a difference that made.  After that semester I always used my planner and still use one today.  That was the best four dollars I’ve ever spent.

Go to to view video lesson #1 and then complete your blog.  Click on the green picture of the woman along the bottom of your screen then click "Got to unit" in the screen above.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Reading History

     I was considered a good reader in elementary school and had no difficulty earning "good" grades.  I was assigned some classics to read in the sixth grade and I read each one, but I didn't think the books were interesting.  I do remember enjoying Nancy Drew mystery novels though.  I had difficulty pleasing my middle school English teacher since I repeatedly used my home language at school.  I used what we now call African American language, not "standard English", in class.  My eighth grade teacher made us drop a quarter in her jar every time we used non-standard English in class. One of my good friends looked at me one day and said, "Why don't you just stop talking in class?".  Well, I wasn't exactly shy and not talking was more difficult for me than using standard English.
     Well, my high school experience was highlighted by my inability to analyze text.  Tenth grade honors English was humbling for me.  I was repeatedly asked to read and analyze novels and I truly didn't know how to "read between the lines".  I was a JV cheerleader that year and was benched  a few times due to the D/F I was earning in English.  I was convinced that English wasn't my thing, so I developed a love for math and physics since I managed to perform well in those subjects.
     College was filled with tutors and hours of studying to truly understand my textbooks, but I did it.  I decided not to give in, worked harder, and graduated from UCLA.  As a new teacher, I love teaching math and science and couldn't wait for reading time to end.  That changed once I truly learned how to teach reading.  I learned to love books along with my students.  I read things with and to my students that I have never read as a child.  I started reading self-help books like "7 Steps for Highly Effective People".  I loved self-help books and read all that were referred to me by friends.
     I do have a love for reading and learning now, but the road was jagged.  I enjoy memoirs, young adult novels, and self-help books.  The last book that I read for pleasure and truly enjoyed was "The Help".  I read daily; news, textbooks with my kids, workbooks for bible study, online news, stories assigned in Reading 25.  I can't go a day without reading and I that's fine with me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012